Excel: Insert a Picture

Want to include a picture on your spreadsheet? It's quick and easy. Go to the 'Insert' tab, and you'll see the third button from the left is 'Picture'. If you click it, you can browse through the folders on your computer until you find the picture you'd like to include. Click 'Insert', and you'll find the image sitting in whichever worksheet you're currently working on. You can resize it and move it around just like any other object until it's positioned as you'd like.

Alternatively, you can copy and paste pictures from other sources - like the Internet, or another file.
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Word: Convert Fields to Regular Text

This handy shortcut will basically stop a field from being a field. It's sort of like changing a formula into a straight value in Excel. Select the field in Word and press:

Ctrl + Shift + F9

So, if you have a field in Word that performs a calculation, or maybe it's a picture brought in through mail merge, you can select it and use this shortcut to take away the field entirely and just leave you the text (or image). You'll no longer be able to "update" it, as it won't be a field anymore.
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Turn Off Gridlines in Excel

Those gridlines you see in Excel can be turned off, if you'd like. You can still go ahead and put borders around cells, but to turn off the display of the entire grid, go to the 'View' tab on the ribbon, and look in the second group - Show/Hide. Uncheck 'Gridlines', and poof! They'll disappear from view. Should you decide you'd like to see them again later, just go back to this same spot and check the box again.

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Word: Select All Shortcut

If you'd like to select your entire document in Word, there's always the keyboard shortcut control A:

Ctrl + A

Something a lot of users don't know, though - if you're more of a mouse user, you can actually just move your mouse over to the left margin on whichever page you're on. You'll see your pointer turn into an arrow pointing a bit to the right. Click three times, and you'll have selected your entire document.
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