Screen Clipping Shortcut Key for OneNote After Windows 8.1 Update

After installing the Windows 8.1 update this morning, I was surprised to notice that my familiar Windows + S keyboard shortcut to take a screen clipping in Microsoft OneNote was no longer working. What happened?

In Windows 8.1, Windows + S is a keyboard shortcut that will bring up a Search bar on the side of your screen. If you want to take a screen clipping instead, you'll need to press Windows + Shift + S instead.

Windows + Shift + S
Don't like having to press the extra key? Me neither. Luckily, the OneNote team posted a blog entry here that explains how to set the keyboard shortcut to Windows + A. This is a slightly more advanced process that involves making a registry edit, but you can go ahead and change the shortcut to something else if you know what you're doing. Otherwise, just stick with Windows + Shift + S.
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