Stop Using Windows XP!

With the exception of non-networked computers running Windows XP for the sake of continued use of legacy applications... stop using Windows XP!

After supporting the Windows XP operating system for just over a decade, Microsoft eventually decided to stop rolling out updates and providing technical support. Though you might have found those updates annoying and never used their support anyway, you should really heed the advice of experts and install a more current operating system. Otherwise you're potentially leaving your computer open to new threats from which you won't be automatically protected.

What are your options?
  1. If you want to continue using Windows, upgrade to a newer version.
  2. Consider trying out macOS if Apple is more your speed.
  3. Check out an open source OS like Linux. They're budget-friendly and can provide you with a lot of control over your system. There are a lot of different ones to choose from but I personally enjoy using Fedora.
It's a decent new year's resolution. Keep your computer up-to-date.
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