Gone for now, back in a couple of weeks!

I'm very, very busy getting ready to represent Canada next week at WorldSkills Calgary 2009. Unfortunately I won't be posting any new tips and tricks until everything's over - but you can expect much more interesting/advanced content later! I haven't been sharing my best tricks yet, since I don't want to give the other competitors any great ideas.

Check out the official WorldSkills Calgary 2009 web site, and cheer on Team Canada as we take on the world next week! I'll be there to show my skills in the IT/Software Applications category.

Ciao for now!

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Excel: Currency Format Shortcut

Last week, someone asked me if there's a keyboard shortcut to change a cell's number format to currency - and I'm pleased to say that yes, there is! And it's pretty easy to remember too:

Ctrl + Shift + $

This will change the number format of whatever cell(s) you have selected to currency format (with the default dollar sign and two decimal places).
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Word: Where did my ruler go?

This is a really common question I get from new Word 2007 users. I'll answer it in today's entry: where did my ruler go?

Don't worry! It's still there, you just need to make it visible. Go to the 'View' tab on your ruler, and check off the 'Ruler' box (it's in the 'Show/Hide' group on the left-hand side of the ribbon).
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