How to Save as PDF

Want to save something in Office 2007 as a PDF?

Click here to go to the Microsoft site and download their PDF add-in (the grey 'Download' button).

Once installed, you'll have the option to save as a PDF in the 'Save As' menu option.

This add-in works with the following programs:

Access 2007
Excel 2007
InfoPath 2007
OneNote 2007
Office PowerPoint 2007
Office Publisher 2007
Office Visio 2007
Office Word 2007
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Excel: Add a Background Picture

Ever wanted to use an image as a background in your spreadsheet?

Just click on the 'Page Layout' tab of the ribbon, then click the 'Background' button (it's in the 'Page Setup' group). Look through your folders until you find the image you'd like to use, then click 'Insert'.
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PowerPoint: Shortcut to Insert New Slide

Adding a new slide to your PowerPoint presentation is as easy as hitting:

Ctrl + M

If you're wanting to use your mouse and you're not in the 'Home' tab of the ribbon, you can right-click on the left-hand side of your screen where your slides are all listed and click 'New Slide' from there.
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Excel: Prevent Auto Open Macro from Running

Have an Excel workbook you'd like to open, but don't want an auto open macro to execute? Press your Shift key as you open the file, and keep it pressed until it's completely open. This will prevent the auto open macro from running.
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Inserting a Comment in Excel (and shortcuts too!)

This week's question: "How do I insert a comment into my Excel spreadsheet?"

As with most of Microsoft Office, you have a few different options. If you click on the 'Review' tab on your ribbon, you can click 'New Comment' (fifth button from the left).

Another way to add a comment is to right-click the cell you'd like the comment in, and choose 'Insert Comment' from the menu that pops up.

Lastly, I'll share with you the keyboard shortcut. Hit Shift + F2, and you'll find a new comment waiting for you in whichever cell you currently have selected.
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