Power BI: Comments in DAX

You can insert comments into your DAX formulas in Power BI! Given how similar writing DAX in Power BI feels in comparison to entering a formula into Excel, I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that it's actually possible to write comments.

Start a comment with two forward slashes, and everything until the end of the line will be commented out. You can start a new line by pressing Alt + Enter.

Here are some keyboard shortcuts you can use to quickly comment or uncomment multiple lines in DAX:
  • Ctrl + KC: Comment selected lines
  • Ctrl + KU: Uncomment selected lines
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 In Power BI you can check to see if a particular value is not blank by combining the NOT operator with the ISBLANK function within your DAX expression. Here's an example:

= IF(NOT(ISBLANK('Table'[Column])),"Not Blank","Blank")

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