Word: Remove Hyperlinks and Stop Automatic Hyperlinks

Ever typed a web or e-mail address and been annoyed that it's been turned into a blue, underlined hyperlink when you'd rather it just look like regular text?

My good news for you is that it's quick and easy to undo: just right-click the hyperlink, and click 'Remove Hyperlink'.

If it's not a one-off thing, and you find yourself constantly removing the hyperlinks, you may want to turn that feature off entirely. Click the Microsoft Office button, and choose 'Word Options'. On the lefthand side of the box that comes up, click 'Proofing'. At the top, click the 'AutoCorrect Options...' button. Click the 'AutoFormat As You Type' tab, and uncheck 'Internet and network paths with hyperlinks'. Click 'OK' to get out of both open windows, and now you'll notice your hyperlinks don't automatically get formatted as you type.
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Word: Quick Way to Edit Headers and Footers

Rather than using the ribbon, there's actually an easy way to get into your headers and footers in Word using your mouse. Just right-click anywhere at the very top or bottom of your document, and you'll see you can click 'Edit Header' or 'Edit Footer'. You need to be in the 'Print Layout' view for this to work (that's the default view). It's not that much shorter than using the ribbon, but a lot of people find it easier to get into their headers and footers using this method.
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Add Line Numbers to Access Reports

Someone e-mailed me this week asking me about adding line numbers into a report in Access. Not only is it possible, but it doesn't take very long to set up. Here's how to number each item on your report sequentially:

1. In Design View, add a Text Box control to the 'Detail' section (where you'd like the numbers to show up). You'll probably want to delete the label associated with it.

2. Right-click the control, select 'Properties' (you can skip this step if your property sheet is already open). On the Properties sheet that appears, click the 'Data' tab.

3. In 'Control Source', enter an equals sign and the number one: =1

4. In 'Running Sum', choose 'Over Group' or 'Over All'. Choosing 'Over Group' means that it will start over at 1 when a new group starts. 'Over All' will keep numbering up over the entire report, regardless of grouping.

That's it!
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Word: Print Without Highlighter Marks

Sometimes you're working on a document and you've highlighted all sorts of things in it, but you'd like to print it without all the highlighter marks. You don't have to go through and unhighlight everything, you can actually temporarily turn them off. Here's how:

Click the Microsoft Office button, and choose 'Word Options'. On the lefthand side of the box that comes up, click 'Display'. The second checkbox from the top lets you 'Show highlighter marks'. If you uncheck it, you won't be able to see the highlighter marks in your document. That also means that if you print, you won't see them. And then, when you're done, you can go back in and check it again and all of your highlighter marks will come back. Simple!
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