Access: Bulleted Lists

This week's question comes all the way from Germany! I like that I've got people coming to my blog from all around the world, that's pretty neat.

"How do I make bulleted lists on my Access reports?"

This is a very good question! You'll notice that, unlike Word, there's no easy option on the ribbon to make bulleted lists. Thankfully, there's a somewhat simple workaround for that.

Go to design view for your report. In the detail section, go to the text box of the item you'd like to appear in a bulleted list format. As an example, let's say that the text box currently contains ItemName. Now, you're going to trick Access into making bullets next to this item by concatenating a bullet character, a space, and the ItemName. Here's what you'll want to enter into the text box:

= Chr(149) & " " & [ItemName]

Don't worry! It looks like mumbo jumbo, but I promise you it'll work. Chr(149) is the code for a bullet character (like this: • ), then it's putting in a space, and finally the ItemName. If the concept of concatenation is foreign to you, I suggest taking a look at this post where I explain concatenation in Excel.

As a sidenote, if you want to just type out that bullet character (in Windows, anyway), all you need to do is type Alt + 0149. Cool, eh?


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