Shortcut to Increase/Decrease Font Size

Sometimes when you’re putting text into your project, you don’t know exactly what font size you’d like to use – so you play around with it a bit. Rather than selecting a new font size from your toolbar, or adjusting it in the Font dialog box, there are a couple of keyboard shortcuts that I find are really great to use. Holding down the Ctrl button on your keyboard, then pressing either “[” or “[” will grow or shrink your font by 1 pt.

Ctrl + [ shrinks the font by 1 pt

Ctrl + ] grows the font by 1 pt
You can use these in Outlook, Publisher, PowerPoint, and Word – unfortunately it doesn’t work in Excel. Cheers!


  1. THANK YOU. Looking for this info forever, why can't it just be in the documentation?

    (p.s. mac people, it's cmnd+])

  2. If everything was documented, I'd have no use for my blog! ;)

    Glad you found what you were looking for.