OneNote: Built-in Calculator

Most of us probably have a calculator hanging around our desk somewhere, or are perfectly capable of opening up the one included in Windows on our computers, but check out this nifty little trick in Microsoft OneNote:

Type in a mathematical equation anywhere in OneNote, type an equals sign (=), then type a space. I think it's super awesome that OneNote automatically puts in the answer for you. You can even use brackets, such as (2*4)+32= [OneNote will calculate it for you! Try it!].

Some of you might have noticed that I've started to tag my blog entries with the version of Office that I've tried this in - I currently only have access to 2007 and 2010, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't work in earlier versions. I won't be posting anything about compatibility before 2007 - but feel free to try it out yourself!


  1. I want to ask that weather I can integrate Microsoft OneNote with Microsoft Access. I have some tables and queries in Microsoft Access 2007. I want to call upon a function by which Microsoft OneNote reminds me of the table related information. I had manually searched in Microsoft Access but did not found any option. Is there a such kind of way to integrate it with Ms Access.

  2. You can insert a link to the database within OneNote, but you won't be able to actually have the data displayed and refresh automatically. That sort of feature is something you would use in one of their other programs, such as Word or Excel.