Word: Stop Pasted Lists from Automatically Merging with Other Lists

Annoyed when you paste a list into a document and Microsoft Word automatically assumes that it should be part of another list that’s already there? Besides pressing the Undo button every time, you can actually turn off the setting that makes this happen.

Go to the ‘File’ tab on the ribbon, and choose ‘Options’. From the list on the left side of the Word Options window which appears, select ‘Advanced’. Now scroll down until you get to the ‘Cut, copy and paste’ section. Click on the ‘Settings…’ button next to the ‘Use smart cut and paste’ checkbox. Uncheck the last checkbox, ‘Merge pasted lists with surrounding lists’. Press ‘OK’ twice.

Another option is to clear the checkbox next to ‘Use smart cut and paste’, but this will also remove a bunch of other functionality relating to cutting and pasting that you might actually want to remain enabled.


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