Excel: Prevent Printing of Specific Objects

Sometimes there's stuff that you want displayed on screen while using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, but you don't want it appearing on printouts.

For example, I use a budgeting spreadsheet that has a number of text boxes with reference text for use while filling in information. I don't want all of that to show up when I print out the budget, though. I also don't want to have to move them outside of the print area, or perhaps delete them temporarily.

Objects such as text boxes, shapes, and pictures all have a setting which dictates whether or not it will print. By default, objects will print. You can go in and change this.

First, you need to bring up the properties. If it's a text box or other shape, right-click it and select 'Format Shape...'. If it's an image, right-click it and select 'Format Picture...'.

From the options on the left-hand side, choose 'Properties' (it's the third from the bottom). Uncheck the checkbox next to 'Print object'. Click the 'Close' button when you're done.

If you ever want the object(s) to print once more, simply repeat those steps and place a checkmark back in that same checkbox.


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