Outlook: Missing Envelope Notification Icon on Taskbar

I had an interesting problem the other day when I found that I wasn't getting the little envelope notification icon for new messages in my Windows taskbar. I immediately thought to check my Microsoft Outlook settings but was dismayed to find that the option to show the envelope was already checked off. Something else was causing it to be hidden away.

Sound familiar? Try checking the settings of your taskbar itself, outside of Outlook. In Windows 8, you can do this by clicking the upwards-pointing arrow ('Show hidden icons') on the taskbar next to any unhidden icons and the clock. Next, click 'Customize...'.Now you have a window that will allow you to choose options for any icons you like. Scroll down until you see the envelope icon for Microsoft Outlook, and change the 'Behaviors' drop-down to 'Show icon and notifications'. Click the 'OK' button to close the window and you're all set.


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