Microsoft Surface Pen LED Not Working

I have one of the newer models of the Surface Pen, with no clip and just one long button on the side.
So the other day I went to mark up a document on my Surface Pro and I just couldn't get my Surface Pen to work. I tried to troubleshoot the Bluetooth pairing, replacing the AAAA battery, and watching a bunch of YouTube videos and just nothing was working. Apparently if you hold down on the top button for a few seconds you should at least see the little LED blinking. Not on mine! Completely dead.

Anyway, credit where credit is due: I came to write this post because I was pretty blown away by the Microsoft Store and the way they handled my problem when I reached out. I logged into the Microsoft Store and then initiated a chat session which was really quite painless. I explained my problem and the steps I'd taken to resolve it, and I fully expected the agent to run down a scripted list of troubleshooting steps that I'd already done. Instead she simply told me that they would gladly exchange it for me since I'd already determined it to be malfunctioning. Mine is also still under warranty.

It's weird to say that I'm shocked when a customer service agent actually listens to me but I really was. Within just a few minutes we'd sorted out the exchange details with my shipping address and everything and I was all done.

So if that LED stops working on your Surface Pen, just reach out to Microsoft and they'll deal with it quickly!


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