Android 10 on Pixel

I don't usually get excited about OS updates on my phone, mostly because I'm using an older piece of hardware at this point (my Pixel is about 3 years old). This latest Android 10 release is pretty awesome though so I've decided to write about my favourite new features. This is coming from a few days of use and running into some pretty awesome stuff.

Without further ado, here are the 3 things about Android 10 I'm loving the most on my Pixel:
  • I received a couple of notifications telling me that certain apps had requested my location in the background. Each time one of these popped up I was given some options for removing or limiting this kind of access to my location data. I loved this because I didn't even realize some of these apps would be grabbing this in the background. I like preserving my battery so I was quick to change the options to only allow them to grab my location when I'm actually using the apps.
  • There's an overall dark theme! I'm always switching whatever apps I can to be dark but now you can darken the entire OS.
  • Previously connected devices are listed more readily when you go to your Bluetooth settings. I'm always connecting to different speakers and vehicles and love having this list more accessible because it used to be buried a bit.
I'm noticing some weird performance issues with my lock screen and while adding widgets to my home screen but otherwise it seems to be running just fine.


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