PowerPoint: Arranging Items with Gridlines and Guides

Good news! If you're trying to arrange pictures and other objects in PowerPoint, you can activate gridlines and/or guides to help you out.

Make sure you have a picture or clipart image or other object selected, then click on the 'Format' tab under 'Picture Tools' or 'Drawing Tools' on your ribbon. Next, click the 'Align' button in the 'Arrange' group. From here, you can choose 'View Gridlines' to make gridlines appear on your screen, or you can choose 'Grid Settings...'. A dialog box will pop up, allowing you to check off 'Display grid on screen' and/or 'Display drawing guides on screen'. Here, you can also change the size of the grid, by changing the number for 'Spacing' under 'Grid Settings'. Change the settings as you desire, click 'OK' when you're finished, and tada! Now you can arrange your objects easier.


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