PowerPoint: Hiding/Showing Slides

If you have a presentation ready in PowerPoint and want to run it, but don't want one or more slides to show up - you can hide them. It's a good idea if you plan on using those hidden slides eventually, and don't want to delete them entirely - you just want them to be tucked away for a little while. Here's how to do that.

On the left-hand side of your screen, where you can see all of your slides - select the slide(s) you want hidden. To select more than one, you can click the first, hold down Ctrl, and then click each other one you'd like. You can also select slides that follow eachother by clicking the first, holding Shift, and clicking the last. Now, right-click the slide(s) and click 'Hide Slide'.

If you do those same actions again on hidden slides, you will unhide them.


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