Access: Create a Custom Splash Screen

So you've built a snazzy Micrsoft Access database, and you've taken care of all the little details that make it really good-looking. Except for one small detail: how do you get a custom splash screen in Access?

[Hold on a second! "What's a splash screen?" Good question, my friend. A splash screen is the picture that you see while a program is opening. So normally, when you open Access, you see the Microsoft Access logo and copyright information. This blog entry will help you change that picture to something of your own choosing.]

Okay, so here's the awesome thing. Making your own splash screen, I am happy to say, is very simple.

Step one: make the image you'd like to use as a splash screen. This is something you'll want to do in some sort of graphics program or whatnot, or maybe you already have got an image file you'd like to use.

Step two: if it's not already in this format, save your image as a Windows Bitmap file. You want the extenstion to be ".bmp".

Step three: save the image in the same directory as your Access database, and save it with the exact same name. So, if your database is "StacyDuBoisRocks.accdb", then your image should be saved as "StacyDuBoisRocks.bmp".

With that last step, you're done! Just double-click to open your database, and you'll see your new splash screen show up instead of the default Access one. How awesome is that?

The answer is "very".


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