Microsoft Office and Facebook Collide!

Microsoft Office and Facebook users (like me!) will be happy to hear about this new and exciting application that was announced this week in San Francisco by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg – it’s called “Docs”. It allows you to upload your Microsoft Office files (such as Word, PowerPoint, or Excel) and share them with your friends through Facebook.

I have to say that I’m not an avid application-user on Facebook, generally finding them to be useless time-wasters or spam-generators. Allowing a third party to access my personal information has never really been something I’m comfortable doing. This, however, is a huge exception. It’s a powerful tool and it’s completely free.

You can use Docs to create, edit, and share your documents. If you’re looking for a more complete set of tools, you can go ahead and use Microsoft Office itself to do the work. In the end, uploading and sharing is quick and easy.

When I first heard about this application, my biggest question was “How often am I actually going to have a document that I’d like to share with absolutely everyone?”. Thankfully, the developers were smart and have built in privacy settings that allow you to choose specific people who can view it, or to make it publicly viewable.

Awesome to the max. Check it out!


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