PowerPoint: Laser Pointer

There are lots of great features in Microsoft's latest release of PowerPoint, but there's one little one that I really think was a clever idea: a built-in laser pointer.

"Built-in laser pointer?!"

That's right, my friends! As your presentation is running, what you need to do is hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard and then left-click and drag around the screen and you'll notice your cursor has changed into a glowing dot that you can use to point out whatever you'd like on the slide. It's just like a laser pointer, without having to worry about the batteries dying!

Don't like the colour? No problem. You can choose between red, green, and blue by going to the 'Slide Show' tab on the ribbon and choosing 'Set Up Slide Show'. Choose from the drop-down under 'Show Options' where it says 'Laser pointer color'.


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