PowerPoint: Delete All Presentation Notes

Someone recently asked me about removing presentation notes from a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. He'd put speaker notes into each and every slide, but needed to get rid of them all before sending the file off to a client.

Rather than wasting your time going into each and every slide and deleting the notes individually, get rid of all of them at once.

Go to the 'File' tab. You should be in the 'Info' area now. Click on the 'Check for Issues' button, and choose 'Inspect Document'. Uncheck all of the boxes, but make sure the last one is checked - 'Presentation Notes'. Press the 'Inspect' button. If there are any presentation notes in the document, the Document Inspector will point this out to you by listing 'Presentation notes were found'. Click the 'Remove All' button just next to it. The message will change to say 'All presentation notes were removed'. Press the 'Close' button, and you're all done!


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