Access: Adding a Screentip to a Control

Screentips are those handy little text box messages that pop up when you hover your mouse over an item. It can identify controls, or even provide some additional information. As an example, I could have a screentip over my 'Quit' button which reads 'Save your work and exit the system'.

In Microsoft Access, you can set screentips for controls in objects such as forms and reports. Make sure you're in Design View, and right-click the control to which you'd like to make a screentip. Choose the very last option, 'Properties'. You don't need to do this step if the Property Sheet is already open.

The property you're going to want to use is on the 'Other' tab of the Property Sheet. It's called 'ControlTip Text'. Enter the text you'd like to appear when you hover your mouse over the control. Save the object (form or report), and you're set!