Outlook: Block E-mail Addresses

Someone sending you messages that you don't feel like reading in your inbox? Microsoft Outlook lets you maintain a list of blocked addresses that will prevent those e-mails from getting through.

Right-click on a message from the sender you wish to block, and go to 'Junk', then choose 'Block Sender'. A message will come up to confirm that the sender has been added to your Blocked Senders List. Press the 'OK' button.

To unblock an address, right-click on any message in your inbox and go to 'Junk', then choose 'Junk E-mail Options'. In the window that appears, go to the 'Blocked Senders' tab. It's here that you can view the list of e-mail addresses you have blocked, and can select one and press the 'Remove' button (just to the right of the list). If you want, you can also add addresses to the list here by clicking the 'Add...' button.

Messages from blocked senders are automatically moved to your Junk E-Mail folder, so you're always free to retrieve them from there if you've made a mistake.

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  1. You can add to the Junk Senders list programmatically as well. Microsoft has a nice article about importing into the Junk Senders list, and it also tells you the location of the file.