Windows 7: Show Clocks in Different Time Zones

I'll always remember the first time I saw one of those walls in an airport that has a pile of different clocks lined up, each showing the current times in different cities around the world. At the time it was just really novel to see so many clocks in one place with different times, but I was too young to really see the usefulness of it. Now that I'm regularly in contact with people in different time zones, I'm seeing how handy it is to have my own set of clocks. Did you know that you can have your own set of three clocks using Windows 7?

The first clock is going to be your system's time, so that will need to be your own time zone. You can add up to two more clocks, however, which you can see anytime you hover over or click on the clock on your taskbar. Add these additional clocks by first clicking on the clock and then clicking on the 'Change date and time settings...' link. In the Date and Time window which will then appear, click the 'Additional Clocks' tab. Check one or both of the 'Show this clock' checkboxes, and then you can go ahead and select the time zone that you would like to display. There's also a text box there for each that lets you give it a display name. You could put the name of the region, or perhaps the name of the person that you know in that time zone. When you're done, click the 'OK' button. Hover your mouse over the time now and you'll see your additional clock(s). Cool, eh?


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