PowerPoint: Arrange Objects Using the Ruler, Gridlines, and Guides

Lining things up in PowerPoint doesn't have to be a hassle. While there are many different features to help you arrange things, sometimes it's easiest to have visual cues on screen to help you place objects more efficiently.

By default, you won't see the ruler, gridlines, or guides. You'll need to turn these on manually by going to the 'View' tab on the ribbon. Look in the 'Show' group, and you'll find three checkboxes to turn on (or off) the ruler, gridlines, and guides.

What's nice about the ruler is that a little dotted line appears on both the horizontal and vertical rulers to help you pinpoint the exact location of your cursor.

If you're looking to actually see a grid over the slide, then you'll want to show the gridlines. Don't like the size of the grid? If you click the little icon in bottom right-hand corner of the 'Show' group on the 'View' tab of the ribbon, you'll open the Grids and Guides dialog box which allows you to adjust the spacing of the grid.

I'm personally a big fan of the guides, which allow you to position a horizontal and vertical line exactly where you need them. You can click and drag to move them, and its position on the ruler appears as you reposition it to help you be more accurate.

Guides and gridlines do not display when viewing a presentation, nor do they print. If you want something similar to be shown on your slides, you'll need to actually build them as objects.

As always, I invite you to stay tuned for future posts about setting up snazzy-looking presentations! I'm currently toying with the idea of creating some videos to demonstrate how to work with objects in PowerPoint, so be sure to visit my site again if that sort of thing is of interest to you. In the meantime, have a great day!

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