Windows 8: Ribbon for Windows Explorer

Remember how happy you were when the ribbon was introduced in Microsoft Office 2007? Well you will be able to relive the joy with the next release of Windows, according to their developers' blog on MSDN. They've been putting a lot of thought into Windows Explorer and have decided to revamp the interface and to include the ribbon.

Despite my sarcasm in that last paragraph, I have actually become a fan of the ribbon. I am convinced that, like the ribbon in Microsoft Office 2007, this will simply be something that I will hate at first but will eventually get used to and find more intuitive. It's just a matter of breaking old habits and making new ones, which is never easy to do.

In any case, I found the blog post to be very interesting. It's nearly as interesting as the inevitable debate that has erupted in the comments area. Check it out for yourself:


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