PowerPoint: Animation Painter

If you've applied an animation to an object in PowerPoint and you want the same effect to be applied to another object, consider trying out the Animation Painter! It's just like the Format Painter that you might already be familiar with.

First, select the object that has the animation that you would like to copy to another object. Then, go to the 'Animations' tab on the ribbon and click on 'Animation Painter' (in the 'Advanced Animation' group). Next, click on the object to which you would like to apply the animation.

Just like the Format Painter, you can also double-click on the Animation Painter button and then you are free to click on numerous other objects to apply the animation. When you are finished, click once on the Animation Painter button again or press the Esc key on your keyboard.

This can really make your life easier if you are working with a lot of different elements. Sometimes I find it time-consuming to go through the process of setting up each animation individually.


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