Access: Export to E-mail

Here's a tip that will hopefully save you some time. The other day someone was talking to me about a report that they were pulling from Microsoft Access and saving as a PDF so that they could then e-mail it to someone.

That's two steps, though! If all you're looking to do is to send someone a report from your Access database by e-mail, then you should start using the Export to E-mail feature! When you have opened the report that you would like to send, go to the 'External Data' tab on the ribbon. Now click on the 'E-mail' button.

This lets you choose the output format, and then it conveniently opens up Microsoft Outlook and attaches it to a new message. All that is left to do is to enter the recipient(s), type a message, and click 'Send'! It's as simple as that.

Of course, if you're wanting to keep that exported file somewhere other than your 'Sent' folder, then perhaps this won't suit you. In any case, I hope this helps some other people!


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