Word: Page Break / Section Break Shortcuts

I'm a huge fan of saving time by using keyboard shortcuts, instead of constantly switching in between using the keyboard and the mouse. This week I'd like to share with you a couple of shortcuts in Word that I use quite frequently.

To insert a page break, press:

Ctrl + Enter

To insert a section break, press:

Ctrl + Shift + Enter

The one thing I find with shortcuts is that initially it can be a pain to try and remember them, but with repeated usage you'll find it becomes second nature. It also saves a considerable amount of time. It's worth it in the end! Less time to do your project means more time to grab a box of Timbits* and a coffee, right?

*For those people unfortunate enough not to have access to Timbits - they're an assortment of delicious little doughnut treats that us Canadians buy en masse and devour. You can find them at any Tim Hortons location - which I am thrilled to say are now starting to spread across the Canadian border and are appearing in the USA!


  1. I find that in Word 2010, Ctrl + Shift + Enter gives me a column break, not a Section Break.

    1. Very true, thanks for commenting on this! I've tagged my posts here with the version of Office, since I don't have time to go back and constantly update old entries. Hopefully people will look here in the comments and see the helpful updates. Cheers :)

  2. FTR in Office 2010, Ctrl Shift Enter produces a Column Break.