Word: Print Preview Shortcut

This week, in the midst of editing a document for print, I found myself a bit irritated at constantly switching between my Print Layout view and Print Preview. Thankfully, the gods of keyboard shortcuts came to my rescue as I discovered this awesome keyboard shortcut:

Alt + Ctrl + I

Press it once, and you're in Print Preview. Press it again, and Print Preview closes. It's a wicked toggle shortcut and for the particular project I was working on, it was exactly what I needed. Hopefully if you've stumbled upon this post, you'll also find it useful!

1 comment:

  1. I didnt exactly stumble on your post, but I did find it useful! I was searching for a print-preview shortcut. Thanks heaps for posting it. (Funnily the shortcut only worked one way for me, ie it took me to print preview but not back. however Esc takes me back so all is well).

    Alt + Ctrl + I.... such an obvious and intuitive combination.... ha ha!

    Thanks.... Peter